To link Design Control elements in Enzyme to Github pull requests, you will have to set up an integration between the two.

First, the GitHub account must have permission to view data on all of the repositories that need to be linked to Enzyme. 

Generally, every repository that you utilize in the creation of your product, whether company-created or forked from another author, needs to be linked to Design Control.

In Enzyme, Quality Owners can set up the integrations for their company. Click on the User Settings menu.

Then select Integrations

Here you will see all the integration options available within Enzyme.

GitHub setup uses an OAuth flow and with an active GitHub account.

  1. Click "Link GitHub Account"

Note regarding permissions: Due to limitations imposed by the Github API we require that the person setting up the integration have Owner privileges on the repository in order to read/write with web-hooks (Reference).

2. Here you will see the products you have created in Enzyme. For the product in which you are interested, select the repositories you would like Enzyme to listen to:

Now Enzyme will trace the Design Output for that product to the code that implements it in Github.

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