Once linked (see the setup article) Enzyme will let you associate merged pull requests with Design Outputs and optionally, create tracing dependencies to Requirements.

There are two methods for linking GitLab pull requests to Enzyme:

  • Enzyme user interface linking - ideal for quality owners/non-developers
  • Developer centric tags in pull requests (similar to GitHub cross org references)

Enzyme UI Linking

Navigate to Product tab and then Design Control Control Module. Then from the Product Menu select the product where the Design Output card is located.

  • Select the Design Output card that you want to associate with a pull request
  • Open it and click the Link to GitLab PR button. This provides you a modal to select the repository and pull requests to trace to this Design Output.
  • Observe the "Link to GitLab" button. Click it and select the pull request. Then Save.

This will now serve as a trace from your Design Output to the merged code that implements.

Note: Any linking/unlinking to approved Design Control cards will return it into the draft state. Then the card will have to be added to a Change Request and routed for approval.

Developer centric Pull Request Tagging

From GitLab when creating a merge request you can insert a GitHub style cross repository reference tag. We support two tags:

  • A tag to target specific Design Outputs (required): PRODUCTSHORTCODE/DO-# 
  • A tag to to trace Design Output to a Requirement (optional): PRODUCTSHORTCODE/REQ-# 

Product short codes are located in the Product > Design Control > Product Menu, see this article

Note: You must turn on automatic tracing on the integrations panel;

For more context on how dependencies work in Enzyme please read What are the Tracing Dependencies in Design Control?

If the requirement tag is provided, Enzyme will know to create a tracing dependency between the Design Output and the Requirement it satisfies. This is helpful for large teams where developers may not have direct access to Enzyme.

If you have any questions, you can reach us through the in-app chat or email us at support@enzyme.com.

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