Access Document Control under Process in the Navbar and click on the document you want to view. 

Each document has three tabs - Effective Version, Draft Version and Version History. Once a document has been approved (has effective version), you will also see the Preview and Redlines tabs, if there are any.

Users with the permission level of a Viewer will not see the Draft Version or Redlines tab. Users with permission level of Quality Owner, Approver and Editor will see the tab.

Effective Version

The Effective Version tab displays:

  • (Document) Title
  • (Document) Type
  • (Document) Number
  • Native Format 
  • Version Number
  • Effective Date
  • Approved On
  • Associated Products
  • Tags
  • Attachments

You can also check out, edit metadata, upload a new revision or obsolete the document. 

When you check out a document, it is not available to other users to edit. Others will see that the document is checked in.

Only you (as the person who checked it out) and Quality Owners can check it back in.

Draft Version

The draft version tab is available for users with permission level of Editor, Approver and Quality Owner. 

In the the Draft Version tab you will see information about the latest draft of the document and its version number. You can download the draft's native version. 

You can checkout, edit metadata, upload a new revision or obsolete the document. 

Version History 

The Version History tab displays details about the current and previous versions of the document, including each version’s set of attachments, redlines and the change request its associated with. For each version, you can download both the native version and the pdf. 

There is also a toggle to Show prior draft versions to view all previous draft versions. 


The Preview tab displays a preview of the released (approved) document. 


The redlines tab is available for users with permission level of Editors, Approvers and Quality Owners. 

The Redlines tab displays redlines between either the current draft and the most recent effective version, or if there is no current draft, the current effective version vs. the previous effective version. 

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