Users with permission level of Quality Owner, Approver and Editor can revise a document. 

Access Document Control under Process in the Navbar.

In the Folders section, click on the document you want to view. 

Once you select the document, under the Effective or Draft Version tabs, scroll down to the Upload New Revision button.

This will open the document revision window. Upload the new document or attachments, select its effective date and document type. 

Any changes to attachments will also trigger a new revision. 

You can also enter a change description to describe what has changed in the document. Change Descriptions are maintained between revisions.

Linking to a Google Drive Document

If you have linked your Google Drive account (in your User Profile) you will be able to also upload a file from Google Drive account. 

Select whether this is an engineering- or production-level document, the document type, and enter a change description (what is changing). 

Admins (Quality Owners) have the ability to revise version and document numbers

Click Update when all changes are complete. 

Submit Document

This document is in a draft state and must be submitted for approval via a change request to be approved. 

After the document is approved on a Change Request, if training was assigned by the Admin (through the training module), it will be distributed to the assigned users via a notification. 

If you have any questions, you can reach us through the chat or email us at 

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