In the Design Control and Risk Management modules, you’ll see the Product Menu in your navigation. 

If your company is working on several products, the product menu allows you to see Design Control and Risk Management data for one particular product. 

Product Controls allow you to:

  • Search for a product
  • Delete a product
  • Edit the name of a product
  • Create a new product
  • Duplicate a product

Search for a Product
To search for a product, enter the name in the search bar and you'll see the product list narrow to the names that match. 

Delete or Edit a Product
First select the product in which you are interested. Then click on the Delete or Edit icons in the product menu. Once you have entered the information, you'll have to submit a change request as well. 

Once you submit the product change for approval, if anyone tries to make edits, they will see a message letting them know it’s pending approval.

Create a Product
To create a product, simply click on the + icon and enter the product name and it's short code. 

Only Admins can Delete, Edit, Create or Duplicate a product. These actions require a Change Request; read How do I create a Change Request?

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