In the Design Control and Risk Management modules, you’ll see the Product Menu in your navigation. 

Note: This video was created using V1.25.13. Enzyme is updated weekly so some elements may change.

Manage a Product

If your company is working on several products, the product menu allows you to select and view Design Control and Risk Management data for one particular product.

In the product menu, all users can search for a product. 

Search for a Product

To search for a product, enter the name in the search bar and you'll see the product list narrow to the names that match. 

Product Controls

In addition to search, Quality Owners will see the Product Controls menu allowing them to :

  • Delete a product
  • Edit the name of a product
  • Create a new product
  • Duplicate a product

Delete a Product

A product can only be deleted if it does not have any associated items or documents or documents with it.  Hence if there are any Design Control/Risk Management items with the product- they will first have to be deleted (and routed through a Change Request). 

If the product has documents associated with it- they will have to be unlinked (through Edit Metadata in the document) or obsoleted. 

From the Design Control or Risk Management Modules, open the Product Menu. Then select the product you want to delete. 

Then in the Product Controls, click on the Trash icon to delete the product you had just selected. 

You will be asked to confirm if you want to delete the product.

When you click delete- if there are no associated items or documents with the product, the product will be deleted. 

Edit a Product

First select the product in which you are interested. Then click on the Edit icon in the product menu . Once you have entered the information, be sure to click Save

You can update the product name, short code, and product phase. You will have to submit a change request for this change to become effective.

You can also add a project identifier to your design control items. This does not require a change request to become effective.

When the Change Request is pending approval, if anyone tries to make edits, they will see a message letting them know it is pending approval.

Once the change request is approved, the new edits will be displaced when viewing the product details.

Create a Product

To create a product, simply click on the + icon in the Product Controls. 

Enter the product name and its short code. 

When you are done, click Create. You will now be able to see the product in the Product Menu. 

Duplicate a Product

Once you select the product in which you are interested and in the Design/Risk Module of that product. Then select the Duplicate icon and the product will be duplicated. 

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