Admins who have the permission level of Quality Owner in Enzyme, can track and manage training assignments.

Note: This video was created using V1.25.5. Enzyme is updated weekly so some elements may change.

Access Training under the Process in the Navigation menu. 

Click on Company Training Status to view a summary of ALL training assigned to users in your company and their status. 

You can view the assignments in either a matrix or table view.  You can also filter the assignments and hide inactive users and training tasks. 

Matrix View

In the Matrix view (default) you can see the users, training they have been assigned (document or task) and the status of the training. 

Green indicated it has been completed, orange means assigned and red means overdue. 

The pie chart represents the total number of trainings and the amount that are assigned, completed and overdue. It also updates based on the filters selected.

You can filter the training by specific users, roles, training items and status. You can also turn the toggle ON to hide inactive users/training tasks. 

If you apply any filters- the pie chart will update to reflect the users shown in the matrix based on the filter criteria.

In the Matrix view, when you click on a user - you can see their training history. 

When you click on a document, or task, you can see where it has been assigned. 

Table View

Switching the toggle from Matrix to Table View lists all the training assignments, their due date and state. You can also use filters to view specific assignments.

Within the columns, clicking on the arrows will sort the data based on that column.

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