Admins (users who have the permission level of the Quality Owner) can manage  training assignments to roles and individual users.

Note: This video was created using V1.25.19. Enzyme is updated weekly so some elements may change.

Access Training under the Process in the Navigation menu. 

Training can be assigned through Curricula which can be recurring or ad hoc (one time). Curricula can include documents and tasks and are assigned on a role-basis.

(Note: training can be assigned to individuals through the +Manually Assign Training button under Curricula. )

Before setting up curricula, be sure to create roles and assign users to those roles. We strongly recommend creating roles so you can assign curriculum to roles.

Assign Curriculum

Here are the steps to follow when creating a new curriculum:

  1. If you want to assign a document, assess whether a competence assessing quiz is required. Learn more on creating quizzes for documents.
  2. Then create the curriculum. To be assigned immediately, ensure the Active box is toggled ON when you create it.
  3. Determine if this curriculum will be ad-hoc (one time) or recurring.
  4. Select the tasks and documents for the curriculum.
  5. Assign it to the applicable roles.
  6. Save the curriculum.
  7. Ensure that the appropriate notification settings are enabled in Company Admin settings.

Let's take a look at these steps in detail. 

When a recurring curriculum is assigned for a document, every time that a document revision is approved, training will automatically be re-assigned to users in those roles. 

When a curriculum is assigned for a task, the training will automatically be assigned to the users in the role at the specified time interval. 

1. Creating Tasks

If you want to include a task as part of a curriculum, it must first be created in the Tasks tab. 

Learn more about creating a Task.

2. Create Quiz Questions for a Document

Documents can be added to training with or without associated quiz questions. Learn more on managing quiz questions for a document.

Once you have created quiz questions for document(s), you can view it in the Quizzes tab. 

3. Create Training Curricula

You are now ready to create curricula. In the Training module, click Curricula and then Create New Curriculum+.

Now you will be able to create a new curriculum for given role(s). 


Name: Enter the name of the curriculum.

Active: When toggle is ON, this curriculum is active so the assigned roles will receive the training immediately. When toggle is OFF this curriculum becomes inactive and pending training assignments will be unassigned. Completed training records will be maintained to maintain the record.

Ad-hoc/Recurring: When toggle is OFF this curriculum is Ad-hoc, when toggle is ON this is a recurring curriculum.

Assignment Due date: Enter the number of calendar days that users from a role have to complete the training (documents and tasks) when its assigned for the first time. If it is a recurring training, when a document is revised they will have this same number of days to complete the training.

Duration between task repeats: If the curriculum was set as a recurring training, then enter the number of calendar days after which the tasks should repeat.
Note: If you want to assign both documents and tasks, where you want the documents recurring but not the tasks. Then it's best to put the tasks in their own curriculum as not assign them as recurring training (assign as ad-hoc).  
Subsequent Assignment Due Dates Calculated: For documents, set if you want due dates to be calculated from the number of calendar days after the document is approved or after it becomes effective.
Roles: Add the role(s) to which you want this curriculum assigned. If needed, you can add inactive roles to this curriculum, however they will not be assigned the curriculum until the role is made active.

Note: Inactive users or users with paused training within active roles will receive their role's training when they are reactivated or unpaused.

Items: Start typing in the items (documents and tasks) on which you want role(s) to be trained. As you type the item will be displayed and you can add it to the list. 

When done, be sure to Save Changes. You will now see the curriculum listed.

When you open the curriculum you can make any edits and also see the history of the curriculum.

You can also create manual training (one-time training) for individual users. Learn more on creating manual one time training assignments


Once you have created a curriculum, be sure to verify the training notifications for your company under Company Settings.

Quiz attempts: Set the number of attempts users have to complete the quiz. Default value is 3.

Immediate Training Email Notification: If checked, users will receive immediate email notifications when training is assigned.

Soon-to-be-dueTraining Reminder: Enter the number of days when a reminder will be sent for soon to be due training.

Overdue Training Email: If checked, users will receive email notification for overdue training.

Overdue Email to Manager: If checked, the user's manager will receive an email about the overdue training.

Email Summary of Overdue Training: Managers will receive a summary of their team's overdue training.

Quality Owners Mark Training Complete: When checked, quality owners have the ability to mark a user's training as complete. They will see the 'Mark Complete' button in the user's assignment modal.

Be sure to Save Changes when you are done.

If you have any questions, you can reach us through the in-app chat or email us at 

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