An Admin (Quality Owners) can define setting for the whole company's QMS under the Company Admin in User Settings. 

Video: Manage Company Settings

Note: This video was created using V1.23.6. Enzyme is updated weekly so some elements may change.  

Manage Company Settings

Here you can update the following settings: 

Company Name: Edit how the company name should be displayed. 

Avatar: This avatar will be used within the app. 

Logo: Add the company’s logo.  Once the logo is added, it will be displayed in the header of documents.  

Design Control ID preference: if checked, assigns sequential ID’s.
Single Sign On If enabled, users can log in with Google, Github of Okta. 

Single Sign On: Enable single sign on with Google, Okta or GitHub

Inactive logout: Adjust the duration of inactivity after which users will be warned that they will be logged out. 

Enforce strict inactive logout: If checked, enforces strict inactive logouts where any draft data will be lost, and the user will not be able to re-authenticate. The default timeout is 3 hours - Admins can choose 30 mins, 1 hour or 3 hour timeout. 

Administrative Change Requests: If checked, enables administrative change requests. 

Autoassign Document Numbers: If checked, only Quality Owners can select a document number for new documents. All other users will get an auto-assigned number. 

Form or Child Documents: if checked, non Quality Owners can create forms and/or child documents. 

Document Control version and number override: If checked, allows admins to select arbitrary numbers and versions in the Document Control module.

Part 11 Compliance: If checked, enable whether a PIN will be required to meet Part 11 compliance. 

Enzyme has multiple methods of assessing whether or not you are you when you approve a document. Without the PIN, the app is capable of making two independent checks of identity. However, the PIN concept is something more familiar to auditors, and therefore we recommend using it for any customer undergoing that level scrutiny. 

Quiz Attempts: Set the quiz attempt limit. The default value is 3. 

Immediate Training Email Notification: If checked, users will receive training notifications via email as soon as they are assigned. 

Soon to be overdue training: If checked, users will receive soon to be overdue training reminder emails that will be separate from their routine digest emails. Admins can set how often they want the users to receive the reminders.  

Overdue training: If checked, users will get email notifications about their overdue training. 

Manager notification for overdue training: If checked, Managers will be be cc’ed on the overdue email notifications. Managers can be assigned under User Admin. 

Email Summary Overdue training: If checked, managers will receive email summary of their team's overdue training. 

Title and Description on Change Requests: If required, title and descriptions will be required when submitting a Change Request. 

Role-Specific Module Access: If checked access to modules will be based on the permissions set by the Quality Owner. 

Time Zone: Set the time zone for the company (including UTC time zone)

Company Tags: Manage company tags. 

After making any changes, be sure to Save them.

If you have any questions, you can reach us through the in-app chat or email us at 

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