There are three ways you can view and complete your training assignments and tasks: from the Notification bell, the Dashboard and also from the Training Module.

Notification Bell
When you are assigned a training, you will receive a notification. You can access it from the notification bell in the secondary menu.  

Clicking on the title of the training assignment will take you to the Training module. Clicking on Complete Now will launch the training. 


The Dashboard will display all your pending trainings. Clicking on the title of the training will take you to the Training module. Clicking on Complete Now will launch the training assignment. 

Training Module
Access Training under Process in the Navbar. 

You can launch a training assignment by clicking on the Take Training button. 

You can also view the name of the training and the due date. If you do not complete the training by the due date, you’ll receive email reminders. Trainings that not completed by their due date are considered a compliance issue. 

Training on a Document
To complete the training on a document, click on Take Training to launch it. 

You will be able to view the document, see the instruction and if there is a quiz you can view the number of attempts you have to complete the training. 

If there are quiz questions, you can answer and submit them. Once you answer them correctly, you will be asked to acknowledge that you can read and understood the training.

Once you complete the training, you will see it under the Completed section in the Training Module. 

Training on a Task
If your Admin or Manager has assigned you a task, you can view it from the Dashboard and also the Training Module.

You can view the task description and any training content files that were attached. Click on Take Training to open to task. 

You will be able to upload documents to show that you completed the task. Once you upload a document, you can always remove it as well. 

Click Acknowledge and Complete Training when you are done. You will then see the completed task under the Completed section. 

My Team’s Training Status

If your admin has designated you as a manager, then you will see the My Team’s Training Status tab. Here you will be able to assign training task to the users or approval roles you manage.

When you mark the task or training complete, both managers and quality owners can view and choose to 'undo' by marking as incomplete. 

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