The Design Control module ensures that the product meets user-defined needs, company-defined specifications, and fulfills their intended uses. FDA wants to make sure that your company has a plan for the design process and is following it. 

Design Control module can be accessed under the Product tab. 

The Design Control module is divided into 5 categories: 

  • User Needs: Voice of the customer (design inputs)
  • Requirements: Technical instructions for the engineering team (design inputs)
  • Design Outputs: Code, manufacturing specifications, drawings, diagrams components of your design. 
  • Verifications: Confirm you built what you intended with product tests that are conducted automatically, with external equipment and test engineers. 
  • Validations: Confirm you built what your users need by clinical trials or simulated “human factors” test. 

In each category you can:

  • View the change history of that Category 
  • Export all the data for that category. The content will be emailed to you and available for download for 24 hours. Alternatively you can click on the pop-up to view it. 
  • Create a new Design Control Card (all users except Viewers)

You will also see the info icon, which gives you more information and examples on the category. 

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