In the Design Control module, the View Options tab gives you a number of ways to filter your view of the Design Control data. For a product, if Jira integrations are enabled, you can further filter the data by Fix Versions, Test Cycles and Test Folders.

The Tracing toggle shows tracing between the design control cards. When this toggle is enabled, and you hover over any card, you can see its connection to others. Incomplete traced items will have the red link.  Once design control cards are approved (i.e not in draft state) and the tracing dependencies between the cards is complete, the items have the green link. Learn more about Tracing Dependencies

The Approved toggle filters out all items that are in draft state. 

Wide Columns
The Wide Columns toggle expand the classes to view them in wide view. You can further filter them based on the class and subsystem. 

The All Design Controls drop down allows you to filter data for just that category. 

The Subsystems dropdown allows you to filter data for a specific subsystem. 


You can filter the cards based on the category, subsystem and tags.

If a product is linked to Jira, you can further filter the data based on Fix Version, Test Cycle and Test folder.

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