Access a summary of the change requests in Enzyme by clicking on Change Requests under Process in the Navbar. 

You will be able to see all the change requests, their state (approved, pending, denied), the requester, the approvers and any actions. 

Once a change request has been submitted, users that submitted it (or Quality Owners) can always pull it back and make edits to it. 

The color of the dot signifies if that user approved (green) or denied (red) the request. Everyone listed on the Change Request MUST approve it. 

Click on the View icon to see more details. 

Here you will see the title and description (if it was entered), approvables (items that need to be approved), the approvers, the change justification and answers to the Change Request Analysis Questions (CRAQ) answers, which were answered by the person who submitted the Change Request. 

Once a change request is approved, when you hover over the created on date- you will see the UTC Time, Local time and Company time at which it was approved. 

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