You can view your pending approvals, three ways:

  1. Under "Pending Signature Requests" in Dashboard
  2. From the Notification Bell 
  3. From the Approvals module

Note: This video was created using V1.25.13. Enzyme is updated weekly so some elements may change.


When you log into Enzyme, in the Dashboard, the Pending Signature Requests shows you all the items that require action. 

Notification Bell

The notification bell, shows all your pending signatures, training assignments as well as notifications. You can take action directly from here. 

Approvals Module

Access the Approvals module under Process in the Navigation menu. 

In the Approvals module, by default you will see all the approvals that are pending your review. The Awaiting My Input toggle will be ON. 

In the module you will see:

  1. Records that need your approval.
  2. Person who created the request.
  3. Date it was submitted.
  4. The items that require review and approval.
  5. The current state of the record.
  6. Actions you can take (Approve, Deny, View). Quality Owners are able to delete the record approval as well.

You can take action directly from this module. Click on View on a record to view its specific details. A record could have multiple items in it. Once you have taken action on a record (and the items within it), it will be hidden by the Awaiting My Input filter. When you approve a record, you approve all of the items within it.

To view all the approvals and their status (including those you have already taken action on), turn Awaiting My Input toggle OFF. 

You will then be able to see ALL approvals and their state. When you hover over the Submitted date- you will see the UTC Time, Local time and Company time at which it was submitted.

Once the record is approved/denied, you will then see the date the action was taken. You can also open the approval record at any time to see the comments and approval history.

If you have any questions, you can reach us through the in-app chat or email us at 

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