Users with the permission of Quality Owner, Approver and Editors can add new supplier. 

Access Suppliers under Process in the Navbar. 

To add a new Supplier, in the Supplier module click on +Add New Supplier to enter the information about them. 

Enter their contact details such as name, address, phone number etc. 

In the metadata, enter their description and select their risk, ratings and type. The Supplier risk, ratings and types are defined by the Admin for your company. 

You can also add any survey and audit files if they are available. Once you have created your supplier, it will be added to the supplier module as unapproved. When you are ready to route it for approval, you must first select the supplier status, Conditionally approved, Approved, etc.

From the Supplier module, hover over the supplier and click on View to open the supplier you just created. Once you update the supplier status, it will be routed for approval to the users that were defined in the Approval Matrix by the Admin. 

Once you have submitted, if you want to change the status of the supplier, you will have do so after it has been approved/disqualified. 

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