Users with the permission level of Quality Owner, Editor and Approvers can create new audit records.

Note: This video was created using V1.24.2. Enzyme is updated weekly so some elements may change.  

Create New Audit Records

Access the Audits module, under Improvement in the Navigation menu

To add a new audit, click on +Add New Audit button. 

Enter the information:
New Audit Info: Title of the audit, the type and description.

Findings: Information about any major and minor non conformances encountered and areas of improvement.

Dates: Dates of the audit.

Details: Any details you want to provide regarding the status and areas audited.

Files: Attach any supporting documentation (attachments or controlled documents in Enzyme).

Once you have completed all the information about the audit, be sure to Save all your information. 

You will then be taken back to the Audits Module and your audit will be in a draft state.  

You can then submit the audit for approval. 

If you have any questions, you can reach us through the in-app chat or email us at

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