Access Document Control under Process in the Navbar. 

In the Document Control module, Admins can add, edit and delete document types. 

Add a Type
Click on +Add Type to add a new type and its description. Click Create when you are done and you will be able to see it under List Types. 

List Type
Click on List Types to see what is currently documented in Enzyme.  If desired, you can update the description for any of the list types. If you make changes, be sure to click on Update type descriptions.  

Remove a Type
Select Remove Type, to remove and replace a document type. Select the document type you want to remove and the one you want to replace it with. When you are done click on the Remove Type button. If a document from that list type is pending approval, it will first have be resolved (approved or denied). Then you will be able to update the list type. 

Learn more about the common document types in a QMS. 

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