First view our Overview of Enzyme for Users  article to learn about the features available to all users. 

Watch the video to learn about the features available to Admins. Then proceed to the Setup Guide for Admins article to get you and your company started. 

Video: Enzyme Overview for Admins

Note: This video was created using V1.26.0. Enzyme is updated weekly so some elements may change.

Additional Features available to admins:

Product Menu
Admins can add, delete and edit a product details. Here you can also associate Design Control export templates for DHF exports.  

Document Control Module

  • Admins can create, edit and delete document list type for the company.
  • Admins can create and delete folders. 
  • Admins can create quiz questions
  • Admins can move documents between folders.

User Settings
In the User Settings menu Admins can:

  • Create, Edit, Inactive Users and roles and set Permission Levels in User Admin
  • Update the Company Settings
  • Set Approval Settings for users and roles
  • Set the Subsystems
  • Set Severity and Probability Levels
  • Set Risk Matrix
  • Set Compliant Settings
  • Set NC/CAPA Settings
  • Set the Change Request Analysis Questions (CRAQ)
  • Set Supplier Settings
  • Set the Integrations
  • Set Product Specific Approvals (if enabled)
  • Set Module based access (if enabled).

Details for each of these can be access in the  Admin section of the Support Center. 

Next Steps

Read the Setup Guide for Admins to get you and your company started. 

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