Access the Audits module, under Improvement in the Navbar.

Users with permission level of Quality Owner and Approver can submit audits for approval.

To route the Audit for approval, hover over and select the audit you want and open it. 

Then click on Choose approvers and you will see the approvers that were set in the approval matrix by the Admin. 

Individual approvers in bold are required and cannot be removed from the audit. Roles in bold must have at least one user approving for that role. Individual approvers and roles that are not bold are optional and can be removed. At least one approver (other than yourself) is required. 

 Once approvers are finalized and when the Audit is submitted, all listed approvers will receive a notification and must approve. Any single approver (or role) can deny the request. 

Click on the Submit for Approval button and it will routed to the approvers you specified.  Before the audit is approved, if you want want to pullback, open the audit and click on the Pullback button. 

After the Approvers review the Audit, they can approve/deny it from the notification. Once an audit is approved, it cannot be deleted. 

Any edits made to an audit after it’s been approved, will put it in a draft state. Then the audit will have to be re-routed for approval. 

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