Once you have read the Overview of Enzyme for Users, you are ready to setup your Enzyme account.  

Here are instructions on how to get started and set-up with Enzyme!

Phase 1: Your Profile Setup 

1.Set your Password

Once an Enzyme account has been created for you by your Admin, you will receive an email asking you to set up a password. 

Follow the instructions to setup your new Enzyme password.

2. Log in

Once you have set up your new password, you can now log into Enzyme with your user name and password you just created. 

Generally your company's URL is yourcompanyname.enzyme.com

Once you log in, your account will already be set up to match your role and approval settings.

3. Update your User Profile

In your user profile you can:

  • Set a signature
    Before you approve any items in Enzyme, you must set you signature. Here is how you set your signature. In your user settings, you can also set your avatar. 

You are now all set up and ready to use Enzyme! 

PHASE 2: Additional Steps

1.Set your Part 11 Compliance PIN (if enabled by admins)

Admin (Quality Owner) can enabled Part 11 compliance for the company. If enabled, before approving any items in Enzyme you will have to set your PIN. Here is how you set your PIN

2. Review Training Assignments

Your Admin (Quality Owner) may have already assigned you some training tasks. Here is how you review and complete your training assignments

If you have any questions, you can always reach us through the in-app chat or email support@enzyme.com.

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