Once you have read the Overview for Admins and you are ready to start using your production instance of Enzyme.

Use this guide to first set up your own Enzyme profile as well as your company settings. 

Once your company settings are setup, you will now begin your audit trail.
The Admin is responsible for maintaining Enzyme for their company. They have the permission level of a Quality Owner (the highest level) in Enzyme.

Part 1: Your Profile Setup

1.Set your Password

Once an Enzyme account has been create for you, you will receive an email asking you to set up a password. 

Follow the instructions to setup your new Enzyme password.

2. Log In

Once you have set up your new password, you can now log into Enzyme with your user name and password you just created. 

Generally your company's URL is yourcompanyname.enzyme.com

3. Update your User Profile

In your user profile you can:

  • Set a signature
    Before you approve any items in Enzyme, you must set you signature. Here is how you set your signature. In your user settings, you can also set your avatar. 

Part 2: Company Setup and Administration

1. Set Company Settings

Set your company logo, inactivity logouts for the app, training notifications and training quiz attempts. Here is how you set company settings.

2.Create/Edit Users and roles

Add/Edit users and roles. Here is how create new users and roles.

3. Set Approval Settings
Once you have added all the users and roles, you can set their approval settings for the modules in Enzyme. 

Your company and users are now setup to use Enzyme. Feel free to share the Setup Guide for Users help your company get setup. 

4. Review Default Settings

Review the settings below to asses if the default values are in line with your current processes. You may keep them as is or change them as needed. 

Your company's instance of Enzyme is now ready!

PHASE 3: Future Customization

1. Assign Training

If you are ready to assign training to your team, you can go ahead and start assigning them the content. 

If you want to further customize Enzyme, you can setup the sections below. 

2. Set up integrations
If your company is using tools like Jira and Github, here are step-by-step guides you can use to integrate them with Enyzme. 

3. Set Pre-market module settings

4. Set Post-market module settings

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