CAPA's can be cancelled by users with the permission level of Quality Owner, Approver and Editor.

Note: This video was created using V1.24.2. Enzyme is updated weekly so some elements may change.  

Access the CAPA module from the Navigation bar under Improvement

All CAPA’s can be viewed, and the status of their phases are indicated in grey (draft), orange (pending approval) or green (approved).

Draft CAPA Phase

To cancel a CAPA, hover and click on the CAPA in which you are interested. 

Click on the Cancel icon and enter the justification. 

The approvers are populated based on the permissions set by the Admin under the Approval Settings tab in their Settings menu. Click on the Confirm Cancellation button, and the CAPA will be routed for approval. 

Approved CAPA Phase

If the CAPA has one or more phases approved, then first click on the Edit icon, which will then display the Cancel button.

Then click on the Cancel button and follow the steps to cancel the CAPA.

View Cancelled CAPA's

Once approved, you will be able to see the CAPA when you turn the Show cancelled toggle on in the module. 

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