Admins can set the default settings for the Nonconformance (NC) and Corrective and Preventive (CAPA) modules. The NC/CAPA settings can be accessed by Admins (permission level of a Quality Owner) under their User Settings menu.

Note: This video was created using V1.26.0. Enzyme is updated weekly so some elements may change.  

NC and CAPA Settings

The NC/CAPA settings have already been populated with default values. Admins can use these values or change them based on their company’s needs.

The settings contain:

  • Codes for defects that can occur in your company
  • Types of defects that can occurs
  • Codes for root causes of defect
  • Dispositions to resolve NC/CAPA issues
  • Source Type that resulted in the NC/CAPA
  • Risk for a product
  • Severity of the process
  • Risk for the process
  • Fields you want to hide from the NC record (defect number or product quantity)

Click on the + to add a new setting, Edit icon to edit an existing setting. Click on the Trash icon to delete a setting.

In the Fields tab, you can choose to hide the defect fields or physical product fields by turning the toggle ON.

Note: If an existing NC record has a value for the field, when the toggle is turned on then those will no longer be shown in the record. However when the toggle is turned back off, the numbers will be shown again.

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