Admins (permission level of Quality Owner) can manage roles. Roles can be accessed through the User Admin settings as well as the Approval Settings.

Note: This video was created using V1.23.6. Enzyme is updated weekly so some elements may change. 

Manage Roles

Create new/edit a role
Scroll down to Roles and click +Add new role. 

Any user (regardless of their permission level can be added to a role). When all the pertinent users have been added, click Save

When a role is added to approve an item, only the users with the permission level to approve (i.e Quality Owners and Approvers) will show in the approvals for that item. 

For example: If the role Engineering has the following users:

  1. Jacob (permission Quality Owner)
  2. Ryan (permission Approver)
  3. Manasi (permission Viewer)

When Engineering is added to a change request, only Jacob and Ryan will show as approvers. 

Once you create the role, you will have to set the approval settings for that role. The default setting in the Approval Matrix is Can’t Approve

To edit the role, make the changes you would like such as editing the name of the role or adding/removing users. Once you have made all your changes, click Save

Inactivate Role

Admins can also inactivate or reset roles. To inactivate a role, select the role, and click on Inactivate

You will be asked to confirm. 

Once you inactivate it, it will be removed from the Roles list. To see or restore it, click on the Show inactive roles tab.

Restore A Role

Under the Roles tab, click on the Show inactive roles.  

Click on the Restore button for the role you are interested in. Once you restore a role, its default permission will be Can’t Approve

If users in the role have approved a change request, they will remain in the Change Request table even after it’s edited/deleted. This ensures traceability. 

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