Admins (Quality Owners) can create and route admin change requests for approval.

Enable Admin Change Request feature

First, the admin must enable the admin change request feature for their company. Under the user settings, access the Company Admin menu. 

In the Approvals tab, you can enable admin change requests. This will allow you to designate a role that can override any change request with an administrative change request. Be sure to click Save when done.

Create Admin CR role

Second, admins will have to create a new role. Roles can be accessed through the User Admin or Approval Settings tabs. 

Scroll down to roles and click on +Add new role

Title the role 'Administrative Change Request' and select the users you want for this role. The users selected must have permission level or Quality Owner or Approvers. 

Since the Admin CR was enabled in the Company Admin settings, an 'Approves Administrative Change Request' dropdown will appear. The default is Can't Approve, set it to Required Approver. Be sure to click on Save when done. 

This new role can now approve Administrative Change Requests. 

Create Change Request

Third, when you create a change request and check the administrative change request box.  

The original approvers will be replaced with the roles you said are Required Approvers for Admin Change Request.

You must have at least two approvers on the Change Request. The change request can then be submitted for approval and the approvers listed will receive notifications to approve. 

Note: This will cause a document to be revised and it will trigger a new training assignment if it is associated with recurring training. 

If you have any questions, you can reach us through the in-app chat or email us at 

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