In Document Control, Quality Owners have the ability to:

  1. Reassign a version number
  2. Reassign the document number 

In order to do so, Quality Owners first, must enable these these features under Company Admin

Access Document Control under Process in the Navbar.

When creating a new document or revising a document, only Quality Owners will see two toggles: Enable Version override and Enable arbitrary document number

Override a Version number

Turn the Enable version override toggle ON. Then you can enter the new version number. 

The value entered in this field will be the leading value for the version. 

If you had a documented title A.O. And upon revision you entered Version Override text of "EX". Each subsequent draft will have the prefix "EX", and the subversion (number to the right of the decimal) will increment. 

The custom version override will remain, until you change it. So if you would like to create a new major, effective version  of the document. You will need to manually modify the text. 

Reassign Document Number

Quality Owners have the ability to select a specific document number when creating a new or revising a document. 

To assign a document number that is not in the list, turn the enable arbitrary document number version ON and then enter the desired document number.

Be sure to click Update when done. 

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