Once your company has setup its QMS, Enzyme offers an audit readiness check as the final step of the on-boarding process. 

In lieu of this, you may request a full internal audit through Enzyme's consulting services.  Learn more about why you need internal audits.

Prior to the audit readiness check:

  1. Inform the Enzyme team that you would like an audit readiness check.
     Enzyme team will review up to 3 QMS modules.
  2. Request a date and accept zoom invite.
    Please provide at least 4 weeks notice to set a date. The check will be conducted over a zoom call (could last 4 hours) during which your company's Quality Owner must be available to answer questions.
  3. Provide Enzyme access to your QMS.
    Provide support@enzyme.com access to your QMS with permission level of Quality Owner.
  4. Prepare for the check
    Ensure you are in a compliant state which includes:
    1. Using Enzyme in production
    2. Core and all applicable SOPs are implemented (approved, released, assigned for training, training complete and being followed)
    3. All other training is complete
    4. Production level product approved in Enzyme 

Day of Audit Readiness Check:

  1. Zoom Call
    The Quality team will provide you with an overview of the day.
  2. Audit Readiness Check begins
    The Quality team will log into your instance of Enzyme and review the 3 modules you had specified you want reviewed.
  3. Email Summary
    After the check, the Enzyme team will email a brief summary which will include example recommendations for addressing any concerns. Please allow 1-2 business days for the email. 

After the Audit Readiness Check:

Once your readiness check is complete, you have successfully completed Enzyme's onboarding! Congratulations!

Be sure to resolve and address all identified concerns in the email and then schedule your first internal audit with an internal auditor.

If you have any questions, you can reach us through the chat or email us at support@enzyme.com.

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