When this feature is enabled by the Quality Owner, users with permission level of Quality Owner, Editor and Approver can all create child documents that are associated with a parent document. 

 You can either:

  1. Create a new child document
  2. Revise an existing document to a child document

Note: This video was created using V1.25.13. Enzyme is updated weekly so some elements may change.

Create Child Documents

Access Document Control under Process in the Navigation bar. 

New Child Document

To create a new child document, click on New Document

New Document Info

Enter the main information associated with the document:

Title: Title of the document
Change Description: This is optional if you want to enter the reason the document is changing.
Effective Date: Date you want the document to become effective. If left blank, the document will become effective upon approval.
File: Upload the file for this document. If your Enzyme account is linked to your Google drive, you can upload from your google drive as well.
Attachments: Upload any attachments associated with this document

Document Type

Quality Owners can enable users to create forms or child documents, or both. When this feature is enabled, you will see a toggle. If you are creating a child document, turn the toggle ON. 

Revision: Indicate if the child document is an engineering or production revision. Learn more about the difference between Engineering and Production documents. Once the document is saved as a Production document, it cannot be reverted back to an Engineering document.
Child Type: Select Child as that is what you are creating.
Parent Document: Select the parent document to which this child document will be associated.
Assign Document Number: If enabled by the Quality Owner in Company Settings, you may be able to select a specific document number. Otherwise the document number will be auto assigned.
These documents are numbered using the parent document’s prefix and a numerical suffix, e.g. SOP001-1 would be the first child document of SOP001. A parent document may have multiple child documents and associated forms.

New Document Metadata

Folder: Select the folder where this child document should be placed.

Associated Product: If needed, select the product this document is associated with

Tags: If needed, add any tags associated with this document.

Quality Owners have the ability to associate the document with a product. When done, click on Create and the new child document will be placed in the specified folder as a draft.

A Change Request must be submitted to approve and release the child document as effective.

Revise Existing Document

If a document already exists, it can be revised to a child document. 

Select the document in which you are interested and then select New Revision

Turn the Child/Form toggle ON. Then select if you want this document to be a child or form and the parent document. 

Be sure to click on Revise when done and this document will be saved as a draft.

Quality Owners have the ability to add quiz questions for this child document. Learn more in the How to manage quiz questions for a document.

A Change Request must be submitted to approve and release the child document (and any associated quiz questions)as effective.

If you have any questions, you can reach us through the in-app chat or email us at support@enzyme.com. 

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