The Document Control Module allows you to view your company's documents. Companies establish “change control” through their Document Control Module by showing the changes, who requested them, who approved them, justifications for the change, and impact assessments. It stores the “source of truth” of documentation and the history of that documentation.

It is a repository of controlled data that do not otherwise live in Design Control or Risk Management (such as SOP’s).

Note: This video was created using V1.25.13. Enzyme is updated weekly so some elements may change.

Overview of Document Control Module

You can access the module under Process in the Navigation menu. 

Here on the left you will see all the folders in the modules. You'll see Show Folders, through which you can see all the folders in the module including Obsolete. 

From here, you can also create a New Document. Enzyme will automatically manage the headers and footers for you for Word documents. 

Quality Owners can create new folders. 

When you select a folder, you can view all the documents within that folder and once you select a specific document, you can then view all of its information. 

You can then take appropriate action on the document such as uploading a new revision, obsoleting it etc.

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