Admins who have the permission level of Quality Owner in Enzyme can manage training assignments for their company. 

Note: This video was created using V1.25.19. Enzyme is updated weekly so some elements may change.

Overview of Training Module

Access Training under the Process tab in the Navigation menu. 

Here a number of tabs (which varies based on user permission level) will be displayed:

  1. My Training Record: shows your own training assignments (assigned, completed and failed). This is visible to all users. 
  2. My Team's Training Status: View your team's training status. This is visible to managers (users who have employees defined in User Admin). 
  3. Company Training Status: View all the training assignments across your company. You can view both recurring and one time trainings for both roles and users.  This is visible to Quality Owners. 
  4. Curricula:  View and assign training. Curriculum can be assigned either as one-time training (ad-hoc) or as recurring training. If needed, manual training assignments for a specific user can also be assigned. This is visible to Quality Owners.
  5. Tasks: View, create, inactivate tasks. Tasks can be added to curricula or manual training assignments. This is visible to Quality Owners.
  6. Quizzes: View all documents and those with quiz assignments.  This is visible to Quality Owners. 

My Training Record

Each user in Enzyme sees My Training Record, allowing them to view and complete their training assignments. Here they can view the assignments they need to complete, their due date, and the document version to which they are training. 

They can also view trainings they have completed and those they have failed. 

Learn more about managing your training assignments.


Quality Owners can manage the tasks assigned to a users or roles.

They can also create a new task, view an existing task and modify it if needed. Once a task has been created, it can then be added to a curricula or to a manual training assignment. If needed, tasks can be inactivated and reactivated. 


Quality Owners can manage all the training assigned to various roles in the company. 

The table shows all of the assigned training, if it's ad-hoc or recurring, if it's active or inactive and the roles to which its assigned. They can filter based on the information they want to view. 

Quality Owners can also create new Curriculum for roles or manually assign training to a specific user.  At any time you can export the curricula.

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Company Training Status

Company Training Status is a summary of trainings assigned to users in the company and their statuses. This is visible to Quality Owners. 

They can view the assignments in either a matrix or table view. 

The Matrix view (default) shows the users, training they have been assigned (document or task) and the status of the training. The Table view, shows a list of all the assignments. 

Filter the training by specific users, roles, training items and status or choose to hide the Inactive users & training tasks by turning the toggle ON. 

Clicking on the pie chat- shows the total trainings assigned and of those, completed and outstanding. It also updates based on the filters selected. 

Clicking on a user - shows their training history. 

Clicking on a document, or task, shows where it has been assigned. 

Learn more about viewing the Company training status.


The quizzes tab allows Quality Owners to see all the quiz assignments. They can view the draft and effective quizzes.

Quizzes can be edited from the Document Control Module.

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