Admins who have the permission level of Quality Owner in Enzyme can manage quiz questions for a document. If the document (with a quiz) is part of a curriculum or manual one-time training, when the document is approved, users will receive the quiz questions as a part of the training assignment. .

Note: This video was created using V1.26.0. Enzyme is updated weekly so some elements may change.

Manage Quiz questions

Access Document Control under the Process tab in the Navigation menu. 

Select the document in which you are interested and then select New Revision

Here you will be able to manage the revision as well as quiz questions.

Note: Quiz questions cannot be created if the document is a Design Control Module template (i.e the toggle is ON).

Create New Quiz

If it is the first time creating a quiz question for the document, select +Create Quiz.  Then in the modal select Add a Question.

For each question, add the question and the multiple choice answers. You can also add additional answer options for the question or completely remove the question. 

Continue to add as many questions as you'd like. Once you are done, be sure to Save Changes. You will now see the quiz you created.

To save this draft be sure to click Revise and your document draft will be revised.

For example, if you are at Version 0.2 and you add a quiz and save the document draft will become Version 0.3.

Once a quiz has been assigned to a document, to ensure its implemented you must:

  1. Route the document for approval through a change request
  2. Create a curriculum or manual individual user training on this document. 

Once the document is approved, if it is part of a training assignment users will receive the quiz questions as part of the document training. 

Other features

Once you have created the quiz, you will now see a few options:

View Current Quiz: View the current quiz questions assigned. Once the document is approved, these are the set of questions that will be presented during the training assignment.

Remove Current Quiz: Remove the quiz if you no longer want it associated with the document and click Revise. The document will now be revised and a new draft revision. It must be routed for approval, to take into effect during the next approval cycle.

Revert to Previous Approved Quiz: If there is a previous approved quiz, you revert to that version of the quiz. Once you click Revise the document will be saved as a new revision. It must then be routed for approval for the quiz questions to take effect.

Clone and edit quiz: This allows you to make an edit to an existing quiz. Copy the current quiz questions and edit them as needed. When the document is revised and routed for approval. These quiz questions will be assigned when the document is part of a curriculum or one time training.

The intention of this workflow is to revise quizzes along with the document. If no change to the quiz is made but the document is updated, the existing quiz will be disseminated in the training assignment.

Training Module

Once you have created a quiz (either draft or effective), you will be able to view it in the Training Module. 

To make edits, you'll have to do so in the Document Control module. 

Quiz Attempts

Under Company Admin settings, under the Training tab you can set the number of attempts users have to complete a quiz.

The default attempt is 3 and ​this setting applies to all quizzes associated with documents.

If you have any questions, you can reach us through the in-app chat or email us at 

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