Admins who have the permission level of a Quality Owner have the ability to edit curriculum.

Note: This video was created using V1.25.19. Enzyme is updated weekly so some elements may change.

Once a curriculum has been assigned, it cannot be deleted. However it can be made inactive. 

Access Training under the Process in the Navigation menu. 

Select the Curricula tab and then select the Curriculum in which you are interested. 

Edit Curriculum

When you open the curriculum, you can edit its assignment (active/recurring), due dates, add/remove roles and items. You can also see the change history of the curriculum.

If you remove items, the users that have not yet completed the training will have those items removed. 

If you add new items, all users in this curriculum will be assigned the new items.

Note: Start typing in the items (documents and tasks) on which you want role(s) to be trained. As you type the item will be displayed and you can add it to the list.

Inactivate Curriculum

In the Settings, you see two options: Active and Ad-hoc/Recurring

Turn the Active toggle OFF to make this curriculum inactive.

Turn the toggle OFF for Ad-hoc training and ON for Recurring training.  

After making any edits, be sure to Save Changes. Once you have made the Curriculum inactive, it will be reflected in the Curricula tab.

Users that have already completed training assignments in this curricula will continue to show their training as complete in the My Company Training Status.

Hover over a user’s completion record to see the time at which they completed their training.

For all other users that have not yet completed the training assignments (documents and tasks) in the curriculum, will have their assignments removed.

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