Admins (who have the permission level of Quality Owner) can define the access level of roles (and users within those roles) for each module.  

Module access applies to Approvers, Editors and Viewer permission levels as Quality Owner will always have full access to all the modules. 

Access Company Settings under User Settings. 

Scroll down towards the end and you'll see the option to enable module access. 

To enable module access, check it and be sure to Save Changes

Once enabled, in User Settings you will see Module Access

Here you can define the access for roles (and users in the roles).

Start by creating roles and adding users to roles. 

Then you can define access for each of the modules: Design Control, Risk Management, Document Control, Training, Suppliers, Complaints, Audits, Nonconformances, and CAPA modules. 

Full: The role will have full access to the module and users will be able to view all the items within the module. Based on their permission level (Viewer, Editor, Approver), users will also be able to create/edit and route items for approval. 

View Only: Users in this role will only be able to view items in this module. They will not be able to make any edits to the items. 

None: Users in this role will not have access to this module. They will not see this module in their navigation bar. 

Note: If a user is in multiple roles, their access level will be the highest access level of within their roles. 

For example:
Jacob is an approver in the Quality Assurance role in Enzyme. Then module access is enabled and the Quality Assurance role is given 'View Only' access to the Design Control Module and 'Full' access to all other modules. Hence, Jacob will now only be able to view items in the Design Control Module. He will be able to view all other modules. Since he is an approver, in the other modules he will be able to create/edit and approve items. 

Once module access is enabled, in Approval Settings you will able to see which roles have access to items in that module. 

For example: As shown above, Design Control module access is set to 'None' for all roles except marketing. Hence in approval settings you see the 'cancel' sign for all roles except marketing. This indicates that those roles do not have access to the module. 

At any time, module access can be disabled in the Company Settings. Once disabled, all roles will once again have full access to the modules and their permission will be based on the approval settings.

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