Commonly, teams will want the ability to practice without risking creating records that are subject to auditor review:


  1. - We can provide you and your team with logins to a training environment that will allow you to create dummy data. Please note the environment is shared.
    WARNING: Be careful not to expose your company's intellectual property or anything else considered confidential.
  2. Dummy Product & Quality Plan - you can create a fake product in Enzyme and allocate all of your practice there for product specific modules like Design Control and Risk Management. Reference this in your quality plans so that its purpose is clear to an auditor.
  3. Staging (a.k.a. Sandbox) Environment - Staging environments are provided for two weeks, ahead of major releases, so that teams can validate the release and update their work instructions, if applicable.
  4. Permanent Staging Environment - Enterprise accounts will have access to staging environments indefinitely to support the onboarding of teams, process development, and any ongoing validation activities.

If you have questions, please contact us at for more details.

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