Enzyme now integrates with Zephyr by Smartbear which is a popular test management solution plugins for Jira.

Verification imports from Zephyr Integration Setup

  • Enzyme > User Settings Menu > Integrations > Select Jira Project and toggle "Enable Zephyr Integration".
  • Pull the account ID from the URL of your Jira account profile.
    Profile Settings > Profile > Copy Account ID
  • Copy and Paste Account ID into Enzyme.
  • Get the Access Key and Secret Key in Jira Apps > Zephyr > API Keys.
  • Copy and Paste Access Key & Secret Key into Enzyme and click Save.

Now that you have linked Zephyr, you will need an ID for each custom field in Zephyr. Enzyme will need this ID to map the fields. IDs are not visible in the primary user interface.

  • Project > Zephr Icon (Left) > Zephyr Custom Fields (Scroll to bottom) > View Zephyr Custom Fields
  • Using a browser (Chrome, Brave) with developer tools, open the Developer Tools.
  • Select "Network", this will allow you to inspect each network call Zephyr is making.
    *You may want to clear the network tab of existing calls as it will clutter your ability to find the key information.
  • Toggle "Enable/Disable" for each custom field.
  • Identify a row in the Name column that looks like this:
  • Select, and see that on the right it expands showing data like the following, the information you are looking for is under the Headers tab:
  • Expand the “Request URL” and note there is a hash after the “customfield” section or the request URL. The number there is the ID for this custom field. Select and copy so you can paste it into Enzyme.

  • If you only want the zephyr refresh to apply once a card in Jira is in a certain state, configure the JQL for the refresh here in the integration tab:

You can modify the status or add other refresh parameters. When configured, this means that only cards in Jira that meet that criteria will have their content updated when you trigger a zephyr refresh.

  • Click Save Changes

You have now successfully integrated Zephyr with Enzyme read more on how to use it in a workflow; How to set up Zephyr Integration for Jira

If you have any questions, you can reach us through the in-app chat or email us at support@enzyme.com.

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