Product specific approvals allow Quality Owners to determine which users/roles can be displayed as approvers based on the products on which they are working.

Note: This video was created using V1.26.0. Enzyme is updated weekly so some elements may change.

Product Specific Approvals

Access Company Admin menu

Then enable Product Specific Approvals under the Approvals tab.

Once this is enabled, access Approval Settings from the User Settings dropdown.

The Product Specific Approvals tab will now be displayed.

Select the tab and you will see all the roles (and individual users) listed as well as the products in your company.

Here you can customize which roles Can or Can’t Approve specific products. Set permission for a role by clicking on its corresponding box and you’ll see the option to Can’t Approve or Can Approve.

For example:

In the Engineering team certain users are working on the mobile app and others are working on Kardia Hardware. So you can create two roles, Engineering Mobile and Engineering HW. Then set Engineering Mobile to only approve Kardia Mobile.

When any change request is routed for approval with design or documents associated with Kardia Mobile on the Engineering Mobile users will show in the Approvers list.

At any time you can make changes to the users in roles.

Note: If Product specific approval is not selected for a product (or role) then the approval set will default to the general approvals for that module.

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