Before you get started, make sure your Zephyr integration is setup; How to set up Zephyr Integration for Jira.

Important testing data into Design Control Cards

  • Create a Zephyr Test Issue.
  • Add the appropriate label to link an issue to a design control card in Enzyme.
    Ex. label = verifications
  • Add Linked Issues to link tracing dependencies.
  • Open the new Zephyr Test Issue.
  • Add Test Details (Test Steps, Test Data, and Test Result)
  • Put your test into a version, test cycle, and then execute the test in Zephyr Actions.
  • Go to Enzyme > Design to view your new Zephyr Test Issue.
  • To important test data: Click Refresh Zephyr, add version, test cycle, and select Import Data.
  • You will now see the imported data from the test execution

  • If you only want the zephyr refresh to apply once a card in Jira is in a certain state, configure the JQL for the refresh here:

You can modify the status or add other refresh parameters. When configured, this means that only cards in Jira that meet that criteria will have their content updated when you trigger a zephyr refresh.


When design control items are approved in Enzyme they will push a comment back to Jira indicating that the item has been approved.

If the Jira linked test card is updated, then the Enzyme card will go from Approved to Draft. Users can either approve the new change or revert it.

Design Controls

Once Zephyr is integrated for a product, you can update the cards based on the test data by clicking on Refresh Zephyr. You can also sort the cards based on test cycles, fix versions and test folders.

If you have any questions, you can reach us through the in-app chat or email us at

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