In addition to the basic functionality available to all users, Admins can manage settings for their product, company and manage users and approvals.

Log Into Enzyme

Now that you have an overview of Enzyme and the functionality available to admins, let's begin with setting up your own account.

STEP 1. Set your Password

Once an Enzyme account has been created for you, you will receive an email asking you to set up a password.

Follow the instructions to set up your new Enzyme password.

STEP 2. Log In

You can now log into Enzyme using your user name and password you just created.

Generally, your company's URL is

Managing Your User Profile

Once you log into Enzyme we recommend you verify your user profile.

It is important to set your signature as without it you will not be able to sign off on approval requests in Enzyme.

Company Settings

Now that you have set up your own profile, you can manage the settings for your company.

The Company Settings allow you to set your company logo, inactive logouts, PIN (Part 11 Compliance), training module notifications, and more.

Creating Users

Now that you have set the company settings, you can start adding users to Enzyme.

Once you create the users, they will receive emails (as you did) to set their passwords. Once they set their passwords, they can then log in.

Note: Before creating users, be sure their emails are active to ensure the Enzyme setup emails are received.

Once you have added users, you can edit their profiles, inactivate them, or restore their profiles when needed.

Managing Roles

Once you have created accounts for your users in Enzyme, you can add them to roles. Roles allow you to group users into approval and training groups.

Approval Settings

Now that you’ve created roles, you can determine which roles will be able to approve which items in Enzyme. So let's go ahead and set the approval settings. At any time you can edit or update these settings as needed.

Document Library

Enzyme has prepared samples of standard operating procedures (SOP's), forms, and work instructions that can be customized to meet the needs of your company. They are available in the Enzyme Document Library.

The Other folder in the Document Library contains validation reports and additional onboarding documents.

If you require access to the documents - please email us at


Congrats! Your company is ready to start using Enzyme as its system of record.

Next: Document & Training Course (for Admins) to learn how to upload your customized documents in Enzyme.

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