Now that you have released your QMS documents with quizzes, you can assign them as part of a training curriculum.

Here's an overview of the Training Module.

Managing Tasks

Before we dive into creating a curriculum, let's take a look at how to create tasks. You first have to create a task, then it can be assigned to users through a curriculum or manual training assignment.

Managing Curriculum

Now that we have released documents and created tasks, we can assign them to users as part of a curriculum. A curriculum can include one or multiple items (documents and tasks) and can be assigned to multiple roles.

Managing Individual Training Assignments

If you need to assign a one-time training to a specific user that is not part of a curriculum, you can do so in the Training Module.

Company Training Status

Once the training has been assigned, you can view the status of the training assignments under the Company Training Status tab.

Here you can view assignments (documents or tasks) by users, roles, or status. You can also mark training as complete or reset a user's training.

Pause Training

If needed, you can pause a user's training. Once their training is paused, they will not receive any training assignments until their training is resumed.

When resumed, they will receive all the training (both individual and role-based) that was assigned in the interim.

To permanently remove a user, you can always remove them from a role and they will no longer receive the training assignments for that role. Completed training records are unaffected by pausing training, and can be viewed in the Company Training Status tab in the Training Module.


Congratulations! You have completed the Document Control & Training Course. You can now add documents to Enzyme and create training assignments.

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