A nonconformance (NC) occurs when specifications or requirements that were defined by company procedures are not met.

The Nonconformance (NC) Module helps companies capture and manage all NC incidents that occur, may have occurred (not sure of but noteworthy), or may occur (possible future NC for which action seems warranted) in a service, product, process, from a supplier, or in the QMS itself.

Managing Nonconformances (NC)

When you become aware of an NC, create a new NC record and when ready route it for approval.

Creating and Submitting an NC Record

Editing a Closed NC Record

If an NC is closed, it can be reopened and edited. If the NC has an open CAPA associated with it, the CAPA must first be closed (or canceled) before the NC can be reopened.

Canceling an NC Record

If needed, an NC record can be cancelled.

NC and CAPA Settings

Admins (who have the permission level of Quality Owner) can set the settings for both the nonconformance (NC) and Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) modules.

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