A CAPA record may be created in order to document and track Corrective Action / Preventive Action. In Enzyme's CAPA module, a CAPA record has four (4) Phases:

  1. Investigation Planning: Scope out the CAPA

  2. Investigation Results: Investigation to determine the actual or most probable root cause(s) and the proposed solutions (that have been validated and verified)

  3. Implementation: Contains the evidence of implemented solution actions. Any deviations should be described and justified

  4. Verification of Effectiveness: Evaluate the effectiveness of the solution(s)

Be sure to provide information about any deviations, and the effectiveness of the results.

Once Phase 4 is approved, you will see the Summary and Closure tab which is the executive summary of the CAPA. Once the summary is routed for approval, the CAPA is closed.

Create & Edit CAPA's

A CAPA may be created in two ways.

  1. NC is escalated to a CAPA (and approved).

  2. Created directly in the CAPA module (requires activation of a NC/CAPA Setting).

You can add additional information to the CAPA Phases. When the information is complete, route it for approval. Once a CAPA phase is approved, it can still be edited to add more information.

Extending CAPA Phase Due Date

If you need more time to conduct your investigation, the CAPA phase due date can be extended.

Canceling a CAPA

A CAPA can be cancelled if it is no longer needed.


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