Log into Enzyme

Your company’s Admin will create an account for you in Enzyme.

STEP 1. Set your Password

Once an Enzyme account has been created, you will receive an email asking you to set up a password.

Follow the instructions to set up your new Enzyme password.

STEP 2. Log In

Then log into Enzyme using your user name and the password you just created. If you don’t have an account yet, ask your Admin to create one for you.

Generally, your company's URL is yourcompanyname.enzyme.io

Dashboard and Navigation

Once you log into your account, your home page is the Dashboard.

The Dashboard is a quick overview of your Pending Trainings, Signature Requests (if any), and general notifications. This at-a-glance view allows you to prioritize what is required first.

Before completing any items on the dashboard, you must set up your signature in your user profile.

‍User Profile

In your User profile, you can set your signature and PIN.

Set a Signature

Before approving any items in Enzyme, you must set your signature. This ensures compliance to guidelines mandated by the FDA and other notified bodies.

Manage your PIN

If a PIN is enabled by your Admin, you can set it in your User Profile as well. When it's enabled, you have to enter your PIN to approve items in Enzyme.

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