Training Assignments

Now that you have set up your user profile and set a signature, you can complete the training assigned to you by your Admin.

Some things to remember are to :

  • Complete training assignments before the due date

  • Complete training assignments on a process before you either execute it or create a record related to it

Once you complete your training assignments on a procedure, then you can upload and approve items pertaining to it; otherwise, it will result in a nonconformance.

‍Pending Approvals

In Enzyme, if your permission level is an Approver or Quality Owner, you may be required to approve items.

The pending actions on your dashboard reflect items that you need to review and take action on, either approve or deny.


Congratulations! You have completed the Intro to User Training!

Next, if you will be creating and managing documents and routing them for approval- proceed to the Document Control & Approvals course.

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