Based on your permission level you may be managing documents and routing them for approval.

Users with the permission level of Editor can create and revise documents. They can also create change requests and route them for approval.

Users with the permission level of Approver, in addition to the above can also approve change requests and other approvals.


The Document Control Module allows you to view your company's documents.

Companies establish “change control” through their Document Control Module by showing the changes, who requested them, who approved them, justifications for the change, and impact assessments.

It is a repository of controlled data that does not otherwise live in Design Control or Risk Management Modules (such as SOP’s).

Document Nomenclature

As you develop your QMS, be sure to think about the document numbering and naming conventions you want to follow. We recommend using a convention that will allow you to easily organize and find documents in Enzyme's Document Control Module.

The convention built into the app is as follows:

[document type][number] [document name] [revision]

QSM001 Quality System Manual Part 1 Rev 0.1

We suggest using the document convention listed above. As document updates are approved, the revision number will be updated and tagged with the new date, so you will always have a full history of the document.

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