In order to make a draft document or a revision effective, it must be routed for approval through a change request.

‍Overview of Approvals Module

The Approvals Module allows you to view ALL the approval history of records including Change Requests, Audits, Suppliers, Complaints, NCs, and CAPAs.

Viewing Pending Approvals

In Enzyme, users with the permission level of Approver and Quality Owner can approve items. You can view the approvals that require your attention through the dashboard, notifications bell, and Approvals module.

‍Managing your Training Assignments

Once a document is approved, an admin may have assigned training to it. Be sure to complete the training assignment before the due date to avoid any nonconformances.


Congratulations! You have completed the Document Control & Approvals course.

You can now add documents to Enzyme and route them for approval.

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