The Training module allows admins to administer and monitor training needs for their company. The module can be set up to meet the needs of your company and to match your procedures.

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The Training module is built to comply with ISO13485 and FDA 820.40 guidelines.

The regulations state that each company shall establish procedures to identify training needs and ensure all personnel are trained to the procedures.

Overview of Training Module

Some of the key features of the training module are

  • Easily assign & manage Curricula
    Curricula can be composed of documents and/or tasks and can be ad-hoc or recurring. Recurring training assignments will automatically be assigned with each revision updated.

  • Assign one-time training assignments
    One-time training assignment (document or task) can be assigned to an individual user.

  • Managers can easily review their team’s training assignments and completion
    Managers can track their team's training assignments to ensure compliance.

  • Filter & and Export training records for audits
    Based on the filters applied, Admins can export reports.

Training Module Workflow

The Training module enables Admins to create both curricula and one-time training assignments.

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