In Enzyme, under Company Admin Quality Owners can enable Change Request Delegation. This allows Change Request initiators and Quality Owners to delegate a change request approval to another user with valid approval settings and permissions.

Delegate Change Requests

When this feature is enabled, in the Approvals Module Quality Owners and Change Request initiators will see the Delegate button in the Change Request.

Select the Delegate button, and select the original and the new approver from the same role. Also, enter the justification for the change.

A warning will appear if the selected user is not in the same role as the original approver.

Click on Delegate to reassign the approval to the new approver. The change request will be removed from the original approver’s approval list and will now appear in the new approver’s list.

In the Change Request dashboard, as well as the change request details the new approver will be listed along with the original approver.

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