Quality owners can enable document sharing between Enzyme instances. It’s best to set a primary instance (that contains the document) and the secondary instance (that will receive the documents).

Link Instances

In the outbound tab, ensure that sharing is enabled. Then click on the + icon to add a new instance (that will receive the documents).

Enter the receiving instance’s Identifier, Queue, and Secret Key.

These can be found in the Inbound tab of the receiving instance. Once linked, users will be able to share documents in the primary instance to the secondary receiving instance.

Using Document Sharing

In the primary instance, select the document you’d like to share then click on share.

Once shared, this document will indicate it is shared in the Document Control module. Also, it will appear under the Documents shared to remote instances section in integrations.

Select, send to linked QMS and the document will be shared. The Quality Owners in the second instance will get a notification that a document is shared. If there are no conflicts in document numbers between the two instances, the document can be accepted and become available.

In either instance, the document can be revised. However, when the document is revised in the primary instance, the secondary receiving instance will receive a notification. They have the option to accept the revision (that will override their version) or reject it (to maintain their version control).

If you have any questions, you can reach us through the in-app chat or email us at support@enzyme.com.

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